Really grinds My Gears...

Here are things that irritate the piss out of people in the restaurant industry.

-If you're going to go out to dinner and order a 12oz Filet, do NOT ask for it to be well done.
1) It's going to take 45 minutes, minimum!
2) Everyone else at the table that ordered chicken and salads are going to be pissed at you
3) We are going to butterfly that steak, so you dont get pissed that it takes 45 minutes, and youre still going to get pissed.
4) a Filet should NEVER EVER EVER be cooked Well done...go to Applebee's!

-If it's obviously busy, and you can tell just look around, please be patient. We try to treat every customer as if they're the only one in the restaurant, but sometimes we can't chat with you for 20 minutes at a time.

-if you bring kids, they'd better behave. This isnt a babysitting service. Bring a leash if you have to, hell, we may give you free dessert!!

-Dont come in a half hour before a movie and order the menu item that takes the longest to prepare...

-know what your ordering, servers arent mind readers, and us kitchen guys dont know that your "med rare" steak is supposed to be med well

- if youre in a group, dont play musical chairs!!! Servers take your order IN order...its hard to remember 25 faces and who got the 25 different drinks, and 25 always custom entrees

-if you have allergies, please remember what they are before your food is delivered

- if you dont have money to tip, dont go out. it kills the servers' paycheck, and we have to hear about it in the kitchen. not to mention its rude as hell.

-Be nice to the host/hostess. if its the weekend, get a reservation. if its a holiday get a reservation. Just because you can see an empty table doesnt mean its not reserved for someone who knows how to plan ahead. Most of the time, the hostess is still in high school, there is NO reason to scream at a 16yr old kid because you cant get your favorite table right fuckin now, its not their fault.

-if your favorite food isnt full in the buffet when you get up there, its probably a popular item, and will be out shortly. Dont FLIP out, yell and scream and throw your plate on the floor because there isnt any damn bacon (that'll be my next post)

-more to come, but have to go now...

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